What is Babyfix infant holder

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What is Babyfix infant holder
A fast, easy and ideal way for immobilizing neonatal and infantile procedures

Babyfix Infant holder is designed for infant fixing in procedures such as: 

1. Circumcision
2. Minor Surgery
3. Blood Sampling
4. Blood Transfusion
5. Insertion of Umbilical Catheter and Peritoneal Dialysis
6. Fixing for CT Scan and X-Rays (Radiolucent Material)
7. Suprapubic Aspiration

The main Specifications of Babyfix

• Light weight (900 gr)
• Easy cleaning
• Durable plastic made from medical grad ABS-50
• Adjustable straps for hands and feet
• Infant from 1.8 to 10 Kg
• Dimensions 65*33*9 CM

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